The statistics that all fights end up on the ground are mostly true. The real percentage of fights that end up on the ground is in the 62-85% range (it is also dependent on your background, I.E. – BJJ, wrestler, or stand up fighter). The LAPD conducted an extensive study on arrests of suspects and they came up with the 62% mark. This percentage goes up if you practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which teaches you how to dominate on the ground.

If you are a BJJ student or wrestler, then the percentage can be assumed even higher. Why you say? Because, most grapplers love taking the fight to the ground; it is where they are the most comfortable. This is especially true if you are fighting someone that has no ground game. If you are fighting another grappler, then the statistics will change as well.

Officer Chris Leblanc wrote an interesting paper titled – “Going to the Ground: Lessons from Law Enforcement,” which highlighted attacks on Law Enforcement officers and gave percentages of how many stayed on the ground. When the fight went to the ground, more than 77% of them stayed there. Are you prepared to fight on the ground?

Is your martial art helping you in this arena? You need to practice all phases of your fight game, but most importantly, you need to be able to defend and fight on the ground. If you want to learn this essential MMA skill, then sign up today. Join BJJ Lifestyle Academy and learn how to defend yourself on the ground. Your stand-up skills will not help you on your back. That happens by having a thorough knowledge of BJJ and MMA. Your stand up skills will help you tremendously if you have a solid ground game. Think about it and make a decision that will save your life someday.